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Rodent dwelling Natural Charlie 3

Olive green rodent cage with accessories
The Duvo+ Natural Charlie rodent cage is a high quality, well-designed cage in a natural colour with wooden accessories. It includes a food bowl, a wooden hideaway house, three wooden ladders, and an exercise wheel. This cage is made from galvanised rust-free wire and is 100% safe for your rodents. Thanks to the fun accessories and three different levels, your rodent won't be in danger of boredom. The top of the cage is removable, ensuring that it is easy to clean. The cage opens in various places so that you can easily refresh your pet's food and water.
  • High quality rodent cage in a natural colour
  • Wooden ladders
  • PVC food bowl, hideaway house and exercise wheel
  • Removable top - easy to clean
  • With three levels
Available pack sizes
  • EAN 5414365329730 | 70x40x57,5cm | olive green/zinc