Scratching tower Betty

Plush scratching tower with sisal mat
Product variant:
The Betty from duvoplus is the ideal scratching tower for your cat. Proper scratching furniture is necessary to take care of your cat's claws and so it can mark out its territory. The scratching post has several openings (diameter 18 cm) in which to hide and feel safe. There is also a soft plush platform where your cat can rest with a great view of its surroundings. Your cat can also sharpen its claws on the sisal mat glued to the scratching tower. The ball provides extra fun.
  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Covered with plush inside and out, with a plush platform at the top.
  • With sisal mat to maintain the claws
  • Several sleep and rest areas
Available pack sizes
  • EAN 5414365364106 | S - 36x36x56cm | grey
  • EAN 5414365364311 | M - 36x36x76cm | grey
  • EAN 5414365364373 | L - 36x36x100cm | grey