duvoplus Product

Wobble `n snack ball

Challenging food and snack dispenser
Keep your pet happy and animated with the duvoplus Wobble `n Snack ball, a refillable snack dispenser for puppies, small dogs and cats. It keeps their brains and bodies active while they hunt for a tasty snack. Fill the ball with dry food or treats. When your four-legged friend pushes the ball with their paws and makes it wobble, food randomly falls out of one of the openings. This fun reward will encourage them to play and exercise more. This challenging way of eating means that your dog or cat will feel that they have had enough to eat sooner. Eating less quickly improves general health and helps prevent stomach torsion, flatulence and obesity.
  • Refillable dispenser for treats or dry food
  • Prevents greedy eating in a playful way
  • Helps prevent stomach torsion, flatulence and obesity
  • Aids mental development and keeps the brain and body active
  • Suitable for puppies, small to medium sized dogs and cats
Available pack sizes
  • EAN 5414365377144 | 16,5x16,5x11cm | blue