A good coop for your chickens is essential!

• Chickens are active animals and need plenty of space. Check that you have enough space in your garden before buying chickens. A coop with a run and  a night-coop will be essential. 

• You can count on 3 large chickens or 5  bantams per square meter of chicken coop.

• A good rule of thumb is 1 nest box per 4 chickens.

• Always provide a perch for your chickens.

• Make sure your chicken coop is sheltered from the wind; exposure and damp can make chickens ill.

•If you cannot let your chickens run around freely, make sure that they have a run, the bigger the better :)

• For the first few days, keep your chickens inside their coop so they can get used to their new home.

• Make sure they have plenty of fresh water. Wash the water containers daily and disinfect drinking bowls, food bowls and perches regularly. Remove excrement and replace the ground covering as necessary.

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