A good night's sleep is essential.

The amount of sleep a dog needs depends on the age, breed and health of the dog.  Puppies sleep for an average of 18 to 20 hours per day. An adult dog needs around 12 to 14 hours.  Just like people, older dogs need more sleep on average than young dogs. Larger dogs, such as Newfoundlands, also tend to need more sleep.  

"Look! My dog is having a dream! Adorable!". Every dog owner has spotted thier dog snoozing with their paws moving. Studies have shown that it is true - dogs really do dream! Just like humans, dogs process thoughts about their day whilst they are sleeping. So a good night's sleep is essential for a dog's physical and mental wellbeing.   You can ensure that your dog gets a good night's sleep by creating the perfect sleep environment.

Make sure your dog sleeps in a dark, quiet spot. Whether you choose a bed, basket or kennel, always make sure your dog has a spacious, comfortable place to sleep. Select a bed or basket which will meet the needs of your dog.

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