A list of all the benefits of having a cat

• Cats are extremely easy to toilet train. They almost always get the hang of the litter tray straight away or very quickly.

• Cats are less work than other pets, even though they will give you just as much love. 

• If a cat values your friendship, it will love you for life - even after a long separation.

• As long as you provide a scratching post and some toys, a cat can live perfectly happily in an apartment! Dogs, on the other hand, need to be taken out regularly. However, a bit of exercise now and again is no bad thing.

• Cats are ideal pets for children. Make sure you pick a suitable breed and teach your children how to treat cats. Show them the correct way to pick up and hold your cat. 

• Cats often make excellent pats for elderly or handicapped people thanks to their affectionate and undemanding nature.

• And finally, cats are great fun, with their many strange and often hilarious habits. Good times are guaranteed!

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