A strong brand with strong sub-brands

How do you recognize a duvoplus product?

Duvo+ logo

The first thing people identify with is always the logo. When you see the duvoplus heart you can rest assured that the product will come up to the high standards you expect from duvoplus as well as being competitively priced. The heart logo is often prominently displayed on the packaging and is consolidated  by additional visual elements.  

Some products and ranges may require a little extra visual support, perhaps due to the nature of the product or because it helps to give a fuller picture of the product - for example, the Everplay! dog toys and the Buddies on the GOOO! range, where the duvoplus logo is instantly recognisable but it is enhanced by various other colourful elements.  

Finally, you might also recognise duvoplus products because of a small notice on the product or packaging, which is often found on the base of the packaging. This is where duvoplus clearly identifies its sub-brands, such as SEEcur!ty and Diamond Dog. These products and ranges have been specially designed for a specific target market in order to create a unique style and identity and represent genuine added value. 

duvoplus packagings in your store

Duvo+ Clipper
Duvo+ Everplay packaging
Duvo+ Seecur!ty