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To live longer, healthier & happier!

At duvoplus, we are passionate about strengthening the relationship between pets and their owners, allowing them both to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

This is our inspiration for our wide range of products for dogs, cats, (garden) birds, rodents, rabbits and smallholding animals.

Innovative, playful, modern products, designed with  animals' natural behaviour and habits in mind.  

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Kindjes tussen de kippen

Writing Pet Stories Together

Keeping pets is about much more than just buying new things - it's about sharing stories with each other. Your dog's first ever lesson at dog-school, the moment your seven-week-old kitten finally comes out of hiding to take a peek at her new family,  a rabbit for your daughter on her birthday...duvoplus has made a collection of these special moments with your pets in "Stories". These stories will inspire and motivate you to do fun things with your pets. They will also teach you how to handle new and sometimes difficult situations. Would you like to share your story or experiences?  Get in touch today!


Kids, mama & huisdier
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