Adorable cat toys

Playing with your cat - especially games which stimulate their hunting instinct - is important. There are many ways you can play with your cat. duvoplus offers a wide selection of cat toys.

Keep it simple

Don't ask us why, but sometimes cats find pleasure in the simplest things. duvoplus has a wide selection of simple mouse toys. There's no need to make things complicated! Stimulate your cat's hunting instinct with a classic cat-and-mouse game.


As you may well know, takes your cat to seventh heaven. Give your cat the chance to enjoy this feeling whilst playing. It's pure pleasure for your pet, and gets your cat moving, too. All in all, a great fun, healthy activity to enjoy together!        

Crazy cat

We all know the feeling when you buy a new toy for your cat and he or she shows no interest. Luckily, we have a solution. duvoplus crazy cat toys are sure to bring out your furry friend's hunting instinct, as these fun toys keep moving unpredictably for hours of fun!


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