Choose the right bird for you.

Each breed has its own specific behavioural patterns and care needs.

Zebra finches are popular birds and are easy to care for. 

Large parakeets and parrots are lovely birds but they can be noisy, 
so take this into account if you like peace and quiet :)

Lovebirds really live up to their name - they much prefer to live in pairs. They also love to climb, so we would recommend a spacious cage with plenty of height.


Choose the right sized aviary for your bird

Birds like to have plenty of space.  Some birds, like parrots, can fly freely around your house. 

Canaries and budgerigars love to take a bath, so it's good for them to have access to a bird bath. Make sure there is always a toy to keep your bird entertained. 

Large budgerigars like to have a big cage. Make sure you choose a cage with horizontal bars so that they can climb up and down.