duvoplus pond fish food, available in many varieties and sizes

Fish need proteins, fats and vitamins in order to build resistance and to grow.

duvoplus pond fish food and snacks are a healthy choice for all your fish and they are also easy to digest. Take a look and discover the extensive duvoplus range – you’re sure to find what you are looking for!


Provide your pond fish with the healthy food they need every day. Feed your fish two to four times per day. Each time you feed them, give them a quantity of food that they can consume within five minutes.

The ideal food for your fish depends on the type of fish. Their eating habits may vary, too. Some fish come up to the surface to feed and should be offered floating food. Others are bottom-feeders and should therefore be given food that sinks.

The flakes are ideal for fish larger than 3cm and the grains can be given to fish larger than 5cm. Duvoplus food is very tasty and perfectly adapted to meet the nutritional requirements of all your fish.

Custom-made food

You can also choose food that is custom-made to meet the needs of specific types of fish. For example, the Koi mix contains three different grains and is packed with proteins, sunflower meal, wheat, krill, insects etc. Sturgeon mix granulate consists of non-floating grains containing wheat, rapeseed oil, fish meal, fish oil etc. This food is available in two sizes – you can choose the correct size depending on the size of your fish. 

All our food is packaged in a handy bucket as it is important to keep this kind of extruded food dry. The bucket also ensures that this is a user-friendly product.


Fish and turtles can enjoy a delicious extra treat, too! Snacks are an ideal supplement to their daily diet and are suitable as a natural treat. Spoil your fish with freeze-dried fine gammarus (amphipods), coarser gammarus (shrimp) and a natural mix of mealworms, silkworms and gammarus. Also available in a handy bucket or sprinkle dispenser.