It's important to start training your cat early

Good training is important right from the start. Decide in advance what your cat is and is not allowed to do. You need to correct undesirable behaviour straight away. After all, you're the boss! Cats are sensitive animals and will pick up on your energy, which means it is important that you correct your cat's behaviour quickly and assertively, just as a mother cat would. Be consistent - learning new habits is much easier than correcting old habits. 

Teach your cat that being brushed and combed is fun, and make sure he gets used to having his nails clipped and other aspects of daily care. Build up slowly - kittens lose their focus quickly but a little treat as a reward can work wonders. 

Make sure you have enough scratching posts in your house and that your cat can access them easily. Young cats particularly like to scratch to keep their nails sharp. Regular clipping will help to ensure that they don't use your chairs or curtains for this purpose. Teach your kitten what the scratching post is for as soon as possible to help avoid problems. 

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