Laroy Group House of brands!

A house with many rooms

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The Laroy Group does not rely on a single brand or group of products but is a "house of brands": a store with several departments offering businesses and their clients a wide range of strong brands, individual partner brands and world-leading brands. Moreover, there are many items you won't find elsewhere.

It offers a wide variety to cater to all tastes, and, with a product to meet almost every need, there is truly something for everyone

The animals are key


Our products’ end-users are pets. And everything we do, should contribute to their wellbeing. Their guardians, who make the decisions which influence their lives, are our first partners to make this happen. We want to share our knowledge with them, so pets and their guardians can live together comfortably. The products we offer together with our trade partners reflect this. Although we do not take ourselves too seriously. There are enough “guilty pleasures” in our lineup to go crazy.

The best way to predict the future is to create it...

Why is Laroy Group in business?

Love for pets is our passion. Laroy Group wants to strengthen the relationship between pets and their guardians, so they both live longer, healthier and happier lives.

How do we do it? ​​

​​To this end, we research pet owners’, professionals’ and animals’ needs and develop innovative and stylishproducts tailored to them. We aim to supply a diverse portfolio of brands with a wide array of products whichstand out from the competition.

​​What are we doing? ​​

​​Laroy Group aims to become one of the world's leading producers and providers of quality pet products. To achieve this, earnings are maximally reinvested in new growth initiatives which drive long-term stakeholder value.