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A cat that eats grass? Agreed: strange, but not an issue!

Jan and Laura loved their male cat Wally to bits. This is why they were very worried after they moved to an apartment in the city with their pet. After all, the cat was acting rather strangely: he was eating the house plants more and more often.

Not something you’d expect from carnivorous animals, which cats are. Firstly, we just thought it was strange, maybe Wally did it out of boredom. After a while we got worried, Laura says. Were these indoor plants harmful for him?

kat eet kattengras
Snuffling a bit

The vet can help

Searching for an explanation and hopefully a solution, they asked their veterinarian for help. He was able to reassure them. Apparently, cats naturally crave folic acid. Outdoors they will therefore indeed eat grass. This also helps them to cough up hairballs, Jan knows.

Some grass every now and then

Since Jan and Laura moved, Wally is usually indoors. To offer him some grass, we have been sowing cat grass for him in a deep tray. Anything for our cat’s wellbeing. As long as we do not need to join in with him, Laura laughs.

Cats eat grass because they naturally crave folic acid. Something Wally could not find in an apartment
kat en kattengras
Wally and his cat grass
kat kattengras