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"A clean cage is essential for Lucas's health"

It's not always easy to be an animal-lover if you live in a small apartment in the city. Luckily, some animals - like 16 year-old Sofie's guinea pig, Lucas - don't need to have a big garden. Sofie's parents agreed to give Lucas a home, but on one condition...

Sofie had to promise her mum and dad that she would keep her adorable guinea pig Lucas's cage spick-and-span. It's not always the most enjoyable of jobs, but Sofie loves animals so she doesn't mind doing it.

"During the weekly clean, Lucas sits on Mum's knee for some pampering and to have his nails clipped."

Not the nicest job, but someone's got to do it

"I don't only freshen up the cage to keep our apartment clean: it is essential for Lucas's health. I remove old vegetables every day, as well as refreshing the hay and sawdust in the places where he likes to lie and where he relieves himself."

A thorough weekly clean

Once a week, I have a major clean. "I remove old hay and  sawdust  -  not necessarily all of it, but anything that is dirty. I replace it with lovely, fresh, apple-scented sawdust and fresh hay. Lucas loves to eat hay, but he also enjoys stretching out on it for a rest."

Lucas de cavia
Hay is very important for guinea pigs
Lucas de cavia
Lucas in his cottage