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A modern scratching post for our modern love nest

A scratching post is a must-have accessory for any cat. Scratching posts are available in all colours and sizes, and usually in a large, and notable design. However, Lisa and Martijn (26) wanted something simple and modern for their new apartment. The wide EBI product range offered what they were looking for.

Martijn and I have been together for two years, and we have decided to move in together. We have bought a modern apartment in Antwerp, where my cat Coco will live with us. We were looking for a new scratching post hat suits the minimalist style of the apartment, but we did not succeed within the wide range of flashy scratching posts, which were not really our cup of tea. Luckily, we discovered the EBI range of scratching posts. We purchased a pale grey scratching post that matches the white walls and dark floor of our living room. It looks beautiful, and it is obvious that the scratching post was made of durable materials. We are pleased, and so is our Coco!

kat moderne krabpaal
martijn en lisa
We looked for a modern scratching post that suited our new apartment. We could not find what we were looking for between the many, flashy models. Luckily, we discovered Duvo+’s gamma, where we bought a modern and sturdy scratching post.