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small mammals

A mother’s broken heart

When Renee (2 yrs old) was born, her mother Charlotte decided to purchase Basje, a rabbit, to grow up together with Renee. The rabbit was allowed to roam around freely in Charlotte and Francis’ fenced backyard.

However, one day, Basje had disappeared, possibly taken by a cat or a fox. Since that day, Renee calls to every bunny she sees at the market, pet shop, nearby or petting zoo: Basje.

Renee en konijntje
Renee and Basje
Renee en Charlotte, duckface
As a mother, my heart broke when I heard Renee call every rabbit she saw ‘Basje’. This is why I decided to give Renee another ‘ Basje’ as a 3rd birthday present. However, this time I decided to do things better, to prevent a 2nd disaster!

Safe in a cage

Charlotte searched the internet for a suitable rabbit hutch for a new Basje and stumbled upon our Woodland products for small pets. Now Basje can always be safely stored in his new hutch when Renee is not playing in the garden herself, and she will be able to play with her new Basje for years to come.

konijn in konijnenhok
Renee en Basje
Playing together