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Arthritis or no arthritis: “Korneel belongs with us, on holiday!”

Every summer holiday, Klaas and his family drive to the Opal Coast in northern France, where they enjoy the impressive chalk cliffs. With the whole family, including Korneel, even though the Golden Retriever isn’t so young these days.

golden retriever 2
golden retriever 3

“Korneel and I, we studied together,” Klaas laughs. “I adopted him as a puppy during my last year at university, ten years ago now. I fell in love twice that year, with Korneel and my girlfriend Leen!”


A cheerful old dog


Today, Korneel is part of a happy family with Klara, Klaas and their daughter Annelies. “Korneel still wags his tail, but now he’s ten he’s getting on in years. He has arthritis, too, and has anti-inflammatories prescribed for it.”


Together to the chalk cliffs

Arthritis or no arthritis, Korneel still travels every year to a holiday home in Wissant. “He can’t take long walks now, with his joint problems, but Korneel still belongs here with us, and that’s that.” Korneel is too elderly to jump in and out of the car on his own, but Klaas has an excellent solution to that in the boot: “A gangplank that I can fold out quickly to help Korneel in and out.”