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Be on the safe side: a safety gate in the baby room

"Our Labrador is really gentle and sweet, but we mustn't forget that he is a dog. That's why we have put a safety gate on the door to the baby room."

Is there anything more beautiful than two people, in love, who have just become parents for the first time? Of course there is - their baby! Well, that's what brand-new parents Tobias and Marjan think, and their young Labrador, Harry, agrees wholeheartedly - he's also very keen to get to know baby Noah.

Tobias and Marjan, like many couples, got to know each other at school. They shared classes together, and gradually fell in love. After graduation, they moved in together, and that was just the beginning of their beautiful story.

Voor alle zekerheid: veiligheidshekje in babykamer
Harry the big brother

Making the move from a small apartment to a house with a garden and a Labrador

"We used to live in an apartment on a busy street near the station. Lovely, but very tiny", says Tobias. "So, after a few years we decided to move to a bigger place with a garden and space for a dog. It didn't take us long to decide to go for it. We went to the local animal shelter and brought home Harry, a young Labrador."

Voor alle zekerheid: veiligheidshekje in babykamer
Puppy Harry wants to play

Keep that crazy enthusiasm in check

Now there is a new addition to the family: baby Noah. "Thank you so much for your congratulations. We are over the moon.  And so is Harry! Labradors are very good with children, so it will all be fine. But we are aware that he is a dog and, however sweet he may be, there is always a possibility that he might do something unpredictable. That's why we have put a safety gate in the doorway of the baby room - just to be on the safe side.