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Boris and Jacques: a new friendship in later life


When Tom's Grandfather Jacques was widowed, he didn't give up on life. Of course he had his ups and downs, but he was determined to keep his large house in Ghent running and he often visited his many friends… but he still found evenings to be a lonely time, and his bed seemed cold.

Not a replacement, but a new beginning

"Grandpa always came across as happy enough, but it was clear that he was missing my grandmother terribly. It was painful to see," recalls Tom. "We knew that there was nobody who could replace her. But we thought that a new, lasting friendship might help. That's why we got Boris for him."

When Tom gave Boris the beagle to his grandfather, Jacques, it was clear that a dog was exactly what Grandpa needed - the pair are now the best of friends.  Except when Boris decides to chew his master's slippers…"His nickname isn't 'Scallywag' for nothing", laughs Tom.

Unconditional love

Unsurprisingly, lively, 80 year-old Grandpa absolutely adored Boris right from the start. The beagle brought with him a lot of love and a new lease of life, especially when we were not around. But the pup did prove to be a bit of a rascal, often chewing up Grandpa's slippers. That was the inspiration for his latest birthday present: vinyl toy slippers!

Boris loves the attention
"As we had expected, Grandpa was instantly won over by dog Boris. Especially now that he knows he must only play with toy-slippers!"