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Brush away!

Els visits her friend Femke nearly every week. Femke has had a long-haired cat for years, and Els always brings some leftover fish or meat for it. Els became a fan of long-haired cats because of this. Last year, she decided to adopt the long-haired male cat Ricco from the shelter. Although she loves these kinds of cats, she does not know much about them. The cat started vomiting hairballs a few days after adopting it. Els thought all cats do this sometimes, but when it became more and more frequent, she asked Femke for advice.

When Els visited and told me that Ricco coughed up hairballs every week, I knew immediately what caused it. I told Els that long-haired cats need a lot of grooming when they are shedding. Daily brushing is absolutely necessary. Because Ricco was not brushed, he would ingest his hair when he groomed himself, which caused the hairballs.

Ricco de kat
Els & Ricco
Els en Ricco
As recommended by Femke, I purchased a few bamboo brushes from Duvo+. One to untangle Ricco’s long hairs, a slicker brush to combat hairballs, and lastly, a soft brush to get him to get used to brushing in a comfortable manner.