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"Brushing my cat is a moment of sheer pleasure"

Every animal-lover knows that dogs need to be groomed regularly. But cats' coats need to be cared for too, in order to remove dead hair and tangles. For Elisa, grooming time is a chance to relax and play with her beautiful, long-haired cat, Cecilia. 

"Our long-haired friend needs to be brushed and combed daily throughout the year", explains Elisa. "At first she was not very keen on it. But luckily now she has got used to it, which is a good thing because I want to prevent tangles and matting - that can lead to tension on her skin, which can be painful and stressful."

Elisa met kat

Some expert tips

Elisa has always been a fan of cats, so she certainly knows what she's talking about. "First, I remove dead hairs and any tangles carefully with a brush with thin, curved pins. They are ideal as they move with the skin and also massage it. Then, I go over the coat with a comb and a soft brush to make it nice and shiny."

Make time for play and relaxation

While she is grooming her cat, Elisa also checks carefully for fleas, parasites or ticks. If you see black dots amongst your cat's hair it could be a sign of fleas. "But we also enjoy this daily ritual. I give Cecilia a good cuddle and play with her, so she's healthy and happy. And I am, too!"

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Cecilia the cat
"You really need to brush long-haired cats like Cecilia every day because their fur gets tangled more quickly and can even become matted."