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Building a nest box together: an unforgettable experience.

Can you smell spring in the air? The birds in your garden can, too, and they’re on the lookout for the perfect place to nest. And Vince and his Grandpa, Gérard are all too happy to help them: they are building a nest box for the birds.

Building a nest box is something Vince is keen to do first and foremost because he simply loves birds. But it’s also something he himself will benefit from: “By building a bird house, we are offering the birds in our garden a safe place to nest. But I’m also looking forward to spotting as many birds as possible”, laughs the youngster.

Voel je de lente al kriebelen?

Not difficult, just fun!

Grandpa Gérard loves helping Vince. Neither of the two is a DIY whizz, but that doesn’t matter – they have bought a building kit with easy-to-follow instructions. “First we glue the wooden plugs into the walls”, says Gérard. “Then we hammer them carefully together. After that we just have to add the perch and it’s done!”

Have a little patience...

Grandpa looked online for a few tips on the best place to hang the nest box. “The approach and opening need to be easily accessible.” Vince found the perfect tree. Before the birds start using the bird house they will need to get used to it. But it will definitely be worth the wait…

Voel je de lente al kriebelen?
Build and build
Voel je de lente al kriebelen?
Finally done!