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Cat in a student room

Manon is a language and literature student at the university of Ghent, and she lives in a student room. After a few weeks of missing her cat, Zorro, she decided to take her best friend to her student room every week. She purchased the duvoplus transporter Gipsy to take him with her more easily on the train.

My mum hesitated if it was a good idea to keep a cat in a student room. I was able to convince her, but I quickly understood that keeping a cat in a student room required some preparations. Zorro is usually outdoors at home, and this is where she does her business. I never really thought about this, because it is obvious at home. I came back from class to an unpleasant surprise from Zorro.


band tussen Manon en Zorro
Best Friends

This is why I purchased the duvoplus Maui litter box with premium baby powder scented cat litter from a 15kg bag. Because I live in an old building on the 5th floor with no lift, this was not the smartest choice. The cat litter did meet my expectations, but I did not feel like carrying the heavy bag of cat litter up to my room for a second time. Therefore, I searched for a different type of cat litter, but I also wanted a large quantity so I would not need to travel to Tom & Co by tram every week. I asked the sales person for another solution, and she recommended to try cat litter with silica gel. These are sold in large bags of 16 litres, but they are not as heavy as traditional cat litter. The problem is solved with this, I can replace Zorro’s cat litter without any back aches from now on. However, another problem did arise after a while: Zorro started scratching my furniture out of boredom. To stop these escapades, I purchased a scratching post with a toy on it, so he can keep himself busy when I have classes.

Mum, tell me again that keeping a cat in a student room is not a good idea :-)!
Zorro de kat