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Cats: once a hunter, always a hunter

poezen: het zijn en blijven jagers

Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, but their hunting instincts are still very much present, as An and Pedro have noticed with their Russian Blue, Cherie. They can't repress this instinct - and neither would they wish to - but the couple have certainly found a playful outlet for it.

Of course, domestic cats no longer need to hunt. Their bowl of kibble or tinned cat food simply appears in front of them each day. But cats still like to go out hunting; after all, they are predators by nature. Trying to dissuade cats from hunting is a lost cause, and in any case it is completely unnecessary. 

Bird- and mouse-friendly

An and Pedro didn't want to put a stop to hunting, they just wanted to prevent Cherie from killing birds or mice. "Since we live in an apartment on the tenth floor, the opportunities for hunting are rather limited anyway", says An. She decided to buy a few motorised mice so that Cherie can indulge her hunting instincts.

"Thanks to the invention of motorised mice, Cherie can hunt to her heart's content without harming any real animals."

A great show!

The mice are designed to run all over the room in a very unpredictable way. "It makes for a very amusing and spectacular show, with Cherie going absolutely crazy. It's great to see Cherie creeping up behind the mouse and then pouncing on it. Both Cherie and we thoroughly enjoy it!

Poezen: het zijn en blijven jagers!
Poezen: het zijn en blijven jagers!