duvoplus Story

Chicko falls off his perch!

Noor (15) and her sister Hannah (11) combined their pocket money to buy a cockatiel (Chicko) together. After having him for a few weeks, he suddenly fell from his perch. They went to the vet, it turned out that Chicko had a calcium deficiency.

The vet said that regular bird feed does not contain enough calcium, and that we had to provide extra sources of calcium to prevent Chicko’s bones from becoming brittle and breaking or becoming deformed. The doctor recommended sepia to the sisters, this inner shell of the cuttlefish makes sure that birds ingest sufficient calcium, which they need for laying eggs, their blood circulation, and for proper functioning of certain organs and nerves. By feeding your bird extra calcium, osteoporosis and deformation of your pet bird’s bones are prevented.

valkparkiet calciumtekort sepia
He also uses the Sepia to sharpen his little beak and nails, now Chicko is back to his old self again!
Valkparkiet Chicko
Valkparkiet Chicko en Hannah