duvoplus Story

"Cleaning up dog poo: not a disgusting job at all, if you use a bag"

Let's be honest, it's not a job anyone loves doing. But Nicky knows there's no way around it: when she goes out for her relaxing daily walk with her faithful  four-legged friend, number twos always need to be cleaned up without making a fuss about it. 

Nicky is a hard-working insurance specialist. "It's a busy job, and it's not just 9 to 5. I'm often on stand-by, especially at weekends, to help customers who need to make use of their insurance cover. But I always enjoy a moment of relaxation every day for 20 minutes when I take my dog, Lukas, out for his daily walk."

The only people for miles around

It's the very best time of the day. Just before dusk, we take a walk with Nicky and Lukas along the lanes, surrounded by beautiful trees. "Look how lovely and peaceful it is here. Just half an hour's walk and it feels like we're the only people for miles around. But in the meantime, Lukas has had the chance to do what a dog needs to do."

Lukas de hond
Nicky and Lukas
Lukas op wandel
Lukas on a walk

But then again…

The footpath is nice and clean. "And I'm determined to keep it that way. Apart from anything else, in this neighbourhood you risk getting a fine if you don't clear up your dog's poo. But anyway, it's not fair on other people if you don't clear it up. When Lukas poos, I always clean it up. Is it a disgusting job? Not at all, if I use this handy bag."

"I'm happy to clean up dog poo - partly because I don't want to get a fine, but also because it's anti-social not to."