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Corneel just can't believe his luck

Because you love your pets, you want them to be healthy and happy. That means they deserve only the very best. Hans, a clever twelve year-old boy from Merelbeke, knows this better than most. He looks after the animals on his parents' dairy farm and his rabbit, Corneel.

During the daytime, Theo and Margiet's son, Hans, is very busy studying. He has a dream and since the age of 12 he has been working extra-hard on all his school subjects - especially Mathematics - to make it come true. Hans absolutely loves animals, and will do whatever it takes to become a vet.

Corneel het konijn
Corneel the rabbit
baasje corneel
"Corneel is most certainly a happy rabbit in his brand-new luxury home complete with a run full of lovely fresh gras

Animal love

After he has finished his homework, Hans is always keen to help to look after the cows on his parents' dairy farm, as well as giving his rabbit Corneel a bit of pampering. And Corneel is absolutely glowing with health - he gets fresh vegetables every day and his cage is always spick-and-span.

A gift of a new luxury home

"You could definitely say that Corneel is one happy rabbit! Especially since he got his new luxury hutch  complete with run and plenty of lovely fresh grass", grins Hans. He bought this lovely present for his pet using the money he had received for his solemn communion. "It makes me happy, because I can see that Corneel is so happy!" That's what we call true animal-love!