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Cosy & warm

John (38) works at the docks. He is a perfect example of a rough diamond. He lives together with his wife, Tamara (38), his daughter Lizette (9), and their female cat Kartouche in a nice, rural home.

We have a fireplace at home, and during cold days I light it when I come back home from the harbour. The warm glow of a fireplace cannot be compared to central heating. Kartouche shares this opinion. She enjoys lazing in front of the fireplace. Which makes it more difficult to put wood into the fireplace. She is in the way, and when I ‘chase’ her away from her favourite spot, she’s always gets a bit grumpy to say the least.

gezellig voor de haard
I was shopping online when I found the perfect solution for Kartouche! A nice warm spot, without her constantly being in the way. The heater hammock by Duvo+ can be attached to the heater. With this, Kartouche has found her new favourite spot. She is nice and cosy, comfortable, and she no longer has to worry about being chased away.
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