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Daily cleaning - because we love our animals and want a clean apartment

"What's the best thing ever invented? Cat litter!", laughs Christina. "OK, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but still…" There's no denying that cat litter has been saving Christina and many other cat-lovers from unpleasant smells for many years. Especially if you live in an apartment, where your cat cannot go outside. 

Christina lives alone in an apartment on a busy shopping street with her cat Tobias. Now and again, her feline companion takes off up the staircase to explore the flat roof outside her kitchen, but apart from that he rarely ventures outdoors. "I'm frightened that he might get hit by a car..."

kater Tobias

5-star cat hotel

If your tomcat is going to spend most of its time indoors, you need to be well-organised. "I have got plenty of toys and a scratching post with a yummy treat hidden inside to stop Tobias from getting bored. And of course he always needs to have access to clean water and a fresh litter tray."

The litter tray is always nice and clean

Christina changes the cat litter every day to be sure that it stays clean and odour-free. "First, I remove any dirty cat litter using this handy fine-meshed shovel. Then I give the tray a quick clean using an organic anti-odour remedy. We keep a rubber mat in front of the litter tray which helps to clean Tobias's paws after he has used the tray because, to be honest, cleaning isn't really my favourite pastime," Christina laughs.

"It's important to refresh the cat litter tray daily - not only for the sake of our cat, but also to keep our apartment odour-free."
kater Tobias
Tobias is a playful cat