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Despite of arthrosis, old Bowie keeps guarding us

When Linda and Hans moved to a house with a big backyard all these years ago, they decided to get a dog. They fell in love with Bowie, a very young, tricoloured Scotch collie from a litter of five. Today, 15 years have passed, and the dear dog is a senior now.

The large backyard of the couple was heaven for a Scotch collie, which needs lots of exercise and therefore space. Our children used to play with him for hours, he loved children. Bowie also guarded us. He was a collie of course, Linda looks back fondly.

Bowie de hond

Just as alert, less mobile

Today, it has been 15 years. Bowie still looks after his ‘herd’, but his hearing is not as good as it used to be. Furthermore, it is more difficult for him to walk, due to arthrosis. Luckily, our vet helps us really well. Thanks to painkillers, and an injection if needed, the joint pain is limited.

Extra spoilt

According to his pedigree certificate, Bowie’s birthday is on 10 February. That calls for a treat, especially at his old age. We found a memory foam mattress online, which shapes to his body. Our darling enjoys orthopaedic support and more sleep. We were very lucky and pleased to have found it!

Our senior Scotch collie suffers from ailments due to his age, because of which we try to support him as much as possible - literally.
Bowie zit
Bowie ligt