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Dog walk for persons with a disability

For the twentieth time, Dog School Pongo is organising a walk for persons with a mental disability. Dirk, a member of Dog School Pongo, organises this walk and wants to give back to De Ark, the local care centre for those with a mental disability.

Zorgcentrum De Ark has been supporting those with a mental disability for more than 40 years. Dirk’s sister also got the help she needed from them twenty years ago, and her brother is still very grateful for that. He got the idea to organise a walk with his dog school to do something nice for the centre in return.

wandeling honden mensen met beperking

Connection between the dogs and the members of De Ark

The personnel of The Ark are also very pleased with the result of the annual dog walk. They really notice that their members blossom around dogs. Trips to the animal shelter are now also often organised to walk with the dogs there. Sometimes, one of the members even adopts a dog and takes it home.

Successful collaboration!

This is truly a successful exchange between Dog School Pongo and De Ark, not just dogs, but also people with a mental disability, benefit from it.

Dirk met hond
My sister, Sandra, always enjoyed the visits to the dog school, and I thought it would be great to share that experience with other members of De Ark. The contact with the dogs is a way for many of them to become more sociable, outgoing, and to come out of their shell.
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