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Dogs deserve a little something on a Sunday…

Mike, Clark and Maaike are like three peas in a pod. The dogs have been looking after Maaike ever since she was a tiny baby, and they’re still inseparable to this day. Now and again they can also be partners in crime…

It’s Sunday afternoon: chill-out time in the Speybroeck household, and Mum and Dad, daughter Maaike and dogs Mike and Clark are relaxing in the garden. But there’s one thing missing – our mischievous four-legged friends are in the mood for a yummy treat. And they know who is most likely to give in to their demands.

Je bent hond, het is zondag en je wilt wat …

Yummy and healthy

“Yes, I can’t resist giving my babies a treat”, smiles Maaike as she plays on her swing. Something like a delicious smoked meat snack for dogs. Completely natural and absolutely delicious. “Of course, I haven’t actually tried them myself; I’ve just heard all the happy barks!”

But the snacks are out of reach... or are they?

The snacks are so delicious that Mike and Clark would happily eat them all day long. “Mum keeps them in a high kitchen cupboard so they don’t all disappear at once. But I know where they are kept. And Mike and Clark know that I know. With the kitchen step I can grab a couple in no time. After all, it is Sunday!”

“Ik kan m’n schatten van honden niets weigeren!”
“I can’t resist giving my darling dogs a treat!”
“Ik kan m’n schatten van honden niets weigeren!”
Happy muzzles
“Ik kan m’n schatten van honden niets weigeren!”