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"During the wet season, it's just us and nature here"

Karel, a keen walker, regularly puts on a pair of sturdy shoes and goes for a brisk walk. But he doesn't stick to the beaten track. He likes to take his dog and get out into the wilderness, trekking through woods and fields in search of beautiful flora and fauna and the sound of silence.

"I live in the Bruges Hinterland,  an area with some wonderful, wooded nature reserves", enthuses Karel. "It's the perfect place to go for a bracing, beautiful walk with my dog, Jake.  But I need to put my boots on - the lanes and paths can be wet, especially during winter and autumn."

Jake 1
Playing in the water

Enjoying the peace of nature

Karel prefers the quieter seasons. "In the summer it can get very busy in the nature reserves, with lots of young families visiting the area. But during the wetter months I'm alone with nature, with only a few cows in the meadows and the birds for company. And Jake, of course", he laughs. 

Don't leave it to chance

When you're on a long walk, civilisation can be a long way away. "I don't want to take any risks. I always have a first-aid kit for Jake in my backpack. I also always take some tick tweezers - you never know when you might need them..."

Jake 2
Enjoying nature
"I don't want to take any risks when we are so far from civilisation. I always bring a first-aid kit for my dog when we're out hiking together."