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Exercise for Filou

Filou, Ann and Geert’s cat, is overweight. The vet has urged them to feed him less and make him exercise more. Ann and Geert are very worried about their cat Filou’s health and are looking for a way to get him in shape in a playful and non-pushy manner.

Ann and Geert like to spoil their cat Filou with snacks and treats. Sadly, this lead to Filou being overweight. He never has to make an effort to get food, which is why he does not exercise enough to lose weight. After visiting the vet, Ann and Geert were recommended to put Filou on a diet and to play more active games with him.

Filou de kat met overgewicht
Filou loves food

The perfect snack toy for your cat

The trick to get lazy, overweight cats to play and move is to motivate them to do so. Their biggest motivation is, without a doubt, the food itself. By combining their feeding moment with a toy, your cat can learn that he or she needs to make an effort to get food. For example, a snack can be hidden in one of the Wooblers from the Crazy Cat Toys product range by duvoplus. In this manner, your cat will need to make an effort to get the food out of it, and even the laziest cat, like Filou, will move.

Geert en zijn vrouw
We did not want to punish Filou with a boring diet and mandatory exercise. Therefore, we looked for a way to get him to exercise in a playful and spontaneous manner.