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Explore nature carefree, thanks to anti tick spray

The Flemish Ardennes, with all their wonderful nature, it always looks like a holiday. Luc and An thought the same thing. This is why the couple recently moved into an old farm that needs refurbishing. Together with Thomas, their adventurous male cat.

We both grew up in DIY loving families, An says. Luc’s granddad and dad built the house that my husband grew up in, amongst other things. The couple wants to achieve the same with their old farm in scenic Zwalm.

Adventurous cat!
Out and explore

Cat in the yard: check!

The home itself needs a lot of work still: Luc and An have only just started. But they can already cross off one item from the to do list: We already have the perfect cat, our Thomas, Ann says proudly. He really likes it here, and often explores the fields.

Well-protected against ticks

The couple is usually not worried about their cat’s adventures. Thomas always returns to his warm, soft hammock inside the house in the evening to keep us company. We want to avoid that he picks up any ticks. This is why we regularly treat him with an effective product against fleas and ticks. This is how we like to see our cat leave in the morning!

An en haar man
Thomas always comes back home in the evening to keep us company from his hammock.
kat in boom
Thomas the adventurous cat
avontuurlijke kater
Cat in the yard