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Finally, I can rest comfortably again!

Bouvier can easily live up to 11 years, but they tend to develop joint issues early on. This could happen by straining the dog when it is not yet fully developed, because of hereditary reasons, or by feeding the dog too much, the extra pounds can put too much stress on the dog’s joints.

I like my owner to notice me, and I listen to everything he says. He always rewards me with a treat, such as a piece of sausage or bacon. I am spoilt rotten, that is why I have become a bit pudgy over the years. My joints are starting to wear a bit. It has been difficult for me to rest for a while, because I feel pressure on my joints

Barry Bouvier gewrichtsproblemen
Bouvier Barry
Barry de Bouvier
For my 9th birthday, I was given the perfect solution!
Barry de Bouvier

Lovely relaxation!

Thanks to the duvoplus Memory Foam pillow, I can finally rest again without problems. The pillow makes sure that the pressure on my joints is decreased, which helps me to nap without any pain. Thank you for the perfect birthday present, master!