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Finally mature enough!

Elise (16) has always wanted a dog, but her parents were not too keen on the idea. They are not big fans of dogs themselves, and they thought that Elise was not mature enough yet to carry to sole responsibility for raising a dog. Hours of discussion lead to nothing, and she decided to give up on the idea at age 14. When she turned 16, she was unexpectedly given a cute golden retriever puppy as a gift. She was ecstatic.

Because I was doing better in school, and I argued less with my parents, they decided that I was finally old and wise enough to look after a dog. Besides this, I babysit the children of friends of my parents nearly every weekend.

nieuwe puppy
Elise & Charlie

The worldwide web to the rescue!

Elise researched everything she needed to know about puppies on the internet, and watched thousands of videos on YouTube to raise her puppy Charlie to be a well-trained dog. She bought the Clicker Trainer to show the little dog that it would do something positive, and rewarded it with Minimies Chews. This is how Charlie learnt to listen to her commands. The only think Elise could not teach with the clicker was to get the pup to go outside to urinate. She found the right solution for this. The so-called Pet Toilet with corresponding P-Pads and P-Pad Trainer Spray. Because of this, the dog started to constantly relieve itself on the P-Pad. She moved the Pet Toilet every day until it was located outside, and the dog finally urinated there. After leaving the Pet Toilet outside for a while, she removed it and the golden retriever pup simply went to do its business on the grass outside. She completed another big step in raising her loyal furry friend!

Mama Elise
I had my doubts, but my husband and I decided to trust Elise with a dog. She has become much more mature and responsible in the past year, and it was time to give her the present she wanted for years. On her birthday, we picked up the dog and surprised Elise. We made clear arrangements to make sure she is completely responsible for taking care of the dog.
Elise’s mum
puppy 1
Naughty Charlie
puppy 2