duvoplus Story

First puppy training with Bas!

The love one receives from their dog is great. But each healthy relationship is based on trust, and a few good arrangements. Therefore, when Hans and Ingrid Staelens fell for the baby Bordeaxdog, Bas, they also decided upon puppy training at the same time.

Not long ago, Hans and I would commute to a busy job in the city every day. We had no time for a dog. Until I got the chance to work from home more. Suddenly, there were more options in our lives. Some visits to the animal shelter later we fell in love with Bas, a barely 8 weeks old Bordeaux dog.

bordeauxdog liefde
Puppy Bas

Creating good arrangements...

To be able to cohabit well, Hans and Ingrid would like to raise their little friend with lots of love, but also training. Already, because puppies learn very fast. The couple requested the help of a puppy trainer, so Bas will pick up the right habits swiftly.

First day to school

Bas receives his first training today. The trainer teaches the dog to slowly follow on the lead. Hans purchased the lead from us online. The puppy calmly walks next to Ingrid, he deserves a healthy treat!

bordeauxdog Bas
Puppy training is always a good idea, but especially in the case of our active Bas. This is how we remain best friends!