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Fraser and I seek out the cool of the sea

Here by the sea the wind and the water cool them down, but in their terraced house in Sint-Amandsberg, Ghent, Jacqueline and her Scots Terrier often get very warm in the summer. It’s very cosy, living in a terraced house with a little courtyard, explains Jacqueline. “But at this point it’s too hot to do anything. So Fraser and I have come to find the cool of the sea today.” We met the happy couple in Bredene, walking on the shore.

How does Fraser keep his cool?

Nowadays the summers are getting hotter all the time, and obviously I can’t go to the sea every day. So we often stay at home. But even there I make sure Fraser keeps cool: a paddling pool of his very own, cool water with some ice cubes... Though I do make sure he doesn’t drink too much cold water, to avoid stomach problems.

It’s important to cool your dog down around his feet and the underside of his belly.



Smartly spotted by Jacqueline

On the Internet, Jacqueline also read that a dog can only cool down through his tongue and the soles of his feet. “That’s why it’s so important that you give them the chance to cool their feet and the underside of the belly. To do that, Fraser can relax on his cooling pad, which becomes cold as soon as he lies on it. I’m almost persuaded to buy one for myself!” laughs Jacqueline, puffing slightly.