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From now on, there will be three sweet little tails wagging

One beautiful spring day, Anja met Max, and the two Scotch Collies hit it off straight away. In fact, they got along so well that there are now two lovely puppies running around the Claerhout household.  They are about to go outside for the first time, but only after they have had their vaccinations. 

The Claerhout family have been the proud owners of Anja, a long-haired Scotch Collie, for a few years now. "She is a very affectionate, clever dog - just like Lassie!", says Marc. "We started training her almost straight away, and it was a big success". Anja was such a joy to the family that they soon began to long for more dogs. 

"Before allowing Anja to become a mother, we did a thorough medical check on her and the prospective father to check for any illnesses or infections."
“Voortaan kwispelen er hier drie schattige staarten rond”
With the feet in the grass
“Voortaan kwispelen er hier drie schattige staarten rond”
Play play play

Not a decision to be rushed

Marc and his wife dreamed of their thoroughbred dog having puppies. "Anja got along really well with Max, our breeder's Collie. But before we could go ahead, we needed to do a thorough medical examination of both dogs to check for any problems, including an eye disease which Collies are particularly susceptible to.

Time for an adventure, with a bit of extra security

There were no health problems, and one thing led to another. "Two gorgeous puppies, and they're not so tiny any more", laughs Marc. The two dogs are looking forward to exploring the large garden. "That's allowed, but for now they can discover the garden from the safety of their new puppy run. Just look at those wagging tails!"