duvoplus Story

From walking in the Ardennes to paddling on the Norman coast...

Interior designer Hilde (42) and notary Geert (45) are true workaholics, therefore, they are very relieved when the weekend starts and they are able to enjoy their well-earned time to relax. They do not want to spend their spare time in their busy hometown of Brussels every weekend. After a week of doing their desk jobs, Geert and Hilde enjoy getting up early on weekends with their French bulldog, Brutus, and to enjoy nature.

We escape the city nearly every weekend to catch some fresh air. The chalk cliffs in northern France, the fountains in Spa, it is all very charming. Of course Brutus is part of all this, he is happy too when he gets to stretch his legs.

Brutus in de natuur
Lovely walk

New car

Recently, Hilde and Geert bought a new car, and they wanted to protect it from Brutus’ dirty paws after a day of playing about. This is why they added a protective cover to their duvoplus collection for the back seat of their new vehicle. Their precious fur baby can now come along on trips without them having to worry about their car!

To protect our most precious possession, we bought a safety harness and a reflecting dog jacket for our dog. I believe one can never invest too much in their dog’s safety.