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Gaming on the sofa for hours is boring. Playing is much more fun!

Tobias, a brown border collie, and Matthias are inseparable. They just love to run and play together. The only thing Tobias is not so keen on is gaming. Can he persuade his young owner to put down his games console?

At the end of a long, hard week at school, Matthias looks forward to hanging out on the sofa with his games console. So many cool games to play, so little time! But his brown border collie Tobias has other ideas. He would rather play something a little more active.

Matthias gamet graag

Ready, Steady, Go!

Luckily, Tobias’s big, begging eyes and endless enthusiasm are irresistible, and he soon manages to tempt his owner away from the sofa. It might take a bit of persuasion, but he always manages in the end. “I always give in quite quickly”, laughs Matthias, “playing with Tobias is so much fun!”.

Good for dogs and their owners

On the way out, Matthias grabs Tobias’s strong rope toy and fetch ball. “He loves chasing his ball and pulling on his rope for hours”, chuckles Matthias. Plenty of fun and games are essential for border collies. “And to be honest, they’re essential for me, too!”.

Matthias & Tobias
“Playing together in the garden: it doesn’t get better than that!”
Matthias & Tobias