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Get back to nature on a farm in Gaume

Terug naar de natuur, op een boerderij in de Gaume

In the southernmost tip of our country, next to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is the beautiful region of Gaume. This is home to Catherine and her husband Vincent, who live on a rural farm here with their chickens. It's a little corner of paradise here in Belgium, and is sometimes even referred to as the Belgian Provence.

"We used to live in the city, but we found it too busy. We didn't feel at home there", says Catherine. "That's why Vincent and I decided to return to our roots - the Gaume." It was a great decision; with gently rolling fields and woods as far as the eye can see, it really is beautiful here.

"We always opt for organic food, including lovely fresh eggs from our own hens."

Living in harmony with nature

Having bought the farm, Catherine and Vincent are busy doing it up together at their own pace. "We both still have jobs in the city, but it's great coming back to the peace of nature every evening", she says. They want to have an organic diet to match their new lifestyle, too. "We have fresh eggs every day from our own hens."

Extremes of temperature

One of the reasons that the Gaume is known as the "Provence of Belgium" is that it is often sunny there. "Except for the winter months, when there can be a biting frost here and my chickens' water freezes while I am busy working outdoors. That's why I decided to buy a bell drinker  with a heating element. That way, we can get on with our work during the day without needing to worry about them."

Terug naar de natuur, op een boerderij in de Gaume
Terug naar de natuur, op een boerderij in de Gaume