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"Healthy can be tasty, too"

Lodewijk, a young German Shepherd, is a dog who commands respect. He is strong, alert and -  according to his master, Danny - very faithful. Like others of his breed, though, he needs to watch his figure. German Shepherds are susceptible to arthritis, and being overweight is the last thing they need. 

"As soon as we got home with puppy Lodewijk, we knew we had adopted a special dog. A faithful, intelligent friend. It doesn't come as a surprise to us that this breed is often used for rescue dogs", beams proud owner Danny. "But we do take extra care to make sure he keeps fit."

Being overweight is an absolute no-no

German Shepherds are very susceptible to hip dysplasia. "That can lead to arthritis in the hip joints. I read online that nutrition can have a big impact on this. If we give him a high-calorie diet, Lodewijk has a greater risk of becoming overweight, which can aggravate the symptoms of hip dysplasia."

Lodewijk the German Sheperd

The right snack at the right time

Danny wants to prevent these problems. So he has always been careful to make sure his four-legged friend does not eat too much. He now eats just two times a day. "If Lodewijk has earned an extra treat by being a particularly good boy, then I give him a delicious, healthy fish snack, high in omega 3 oils and low in bad fats. He's just as happy with that!", laughs Danny. 

"Lodewijk sets an excellent example - he's just as enthusiastic about healthy snacks as he is about naughty treats!"