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The healthy duvoplus snacks solved my dog’s stomach problems

Just like people, dogs often suffer from food allergies or intolerances because of a certain ingredient in their diet. Adjusted food recipes can fix this! Carine (41) found this out when her loyal furry companion suffered from stomach problems.

Our German Shepherd, Mayla, has been my companion forever. Unfortunately, now that she is aging, she suffers from more and more stomach issues. She cannot tolerate all the types of food I used to feed her. She even throws up her favourite meal afterwards. It broke my heart to see her sick all the time, and I was very worried. I started looking for foods and snacks that were easier on her stomach in the shop. This is how I discovered Oceanz snacks, and ever since then she is doing much better. She enjoys her food and she tolerates it well on top of that. I am happy to see her enjoying her snacks again. Now I know that I need to feed her 100% natural food, no foods with fragrances, colouring agents and flavouring agents. I highly recommend the snacks for every dog with a sensitive stomach! They really helped my Mayla.

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The Oceanz snacks have truly solved my dog’s stomach problems. I would recommend them to any dog with a food intolerance and any worried owner
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