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Homer: the healthiest guinea pig in the world

Eight year-old Ruben absolutely loves animals. Unfortunately, the landlord of the apartment where the young chap lives with his mum and dad doesn't allow large pets. Luckily - to Ruben's great delight - small, cute guinea pigs like Homer are allowed!

"And Homer is not the only pet", beams Ruben. "We've also got two great goldfish, who keep an eye on us every day from their aquarium, and a pair of mice, who go on the rampage every night in their cage." It's clear that there is no shortage of pets around here, but Homer is the one who holds a special place in Ruben's heart.

Dandelion hunt

Homer is a real health freak. "Every time we walk past his cage, he starts squeaking like crazy, begging for some nice, green lettuce", laughs Ruben. He also loves dandelion leaves. "We often pick nice fresh dandelion leaves for him in the park nearby".

Homer gets strokes
Homer feasts on a leaf of lettuce

There's a good reason for it

However, the guinea pig has to work to get all those delicious treats. "We hide his greens inside this fun snack ball. That way, Homer gets to savour his treat for longer as well as having lots of fun while I am busy at school or doing my homework", explains Ruben. "He absolutely loves playing with the snack ball!"

"Homer is just crazy about everything green: from lettuce to fresh leaves of dandelions."