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I cannot miss Duke for a week, therefore he travels with me to my mum and dad

Sander’s mum and dad are ‘happily divorced’. Every other week he lives with him or her, and he is fine with that. Duke, his cute hamster, also moves with him without problems.

Sander’s parents both had very busy jobs, which caused them to grow apart. In the end they decided to split up. But they are still best friends, and they raise their son through co-parenting.

Duke de hamster
Duke the hamster

Week at mum’s, week at dad’s

Sander lives with his mother one week, and with his father during the next. He needs to pack some of his things, every weekend, but he is used to it by now. I have two of a lot of my things, one with my mum and dad. Except for Duke, of course (laughs), my cute hamster. I do always take him.

Fun palace on the go

Moving Duke is easy. He travels in a smaller, but mobile cage. At mum’s and dad’s, Duke lives in a bigger cage with two floors. In both cages he can play in his wheel and tunnels. My hamster is never bored this way!

Thanks to his portable cage with wheel and tunnels, my hamster is able to easily move with me, with minimal stress to the animal.
Duke close up
Duke in actie
Playing nicely