duvoplus Story

“I knew at once: this is him. This is the one I’m taking home.”


When Hilda first saw Jacques in the shelter, he was meowing. Continuously. His voice, the colour of his fur and his astonishingly blue eyes revealed his Siamese origins. “It was as if he wanted to say: take me, take me please”, remembers Hilde. “I gave in, for the first but certainly not the last time.”

When Hilde’s husband died, she sold her house and moved to a comfortable apartment on a quiet little square in Wetteren. The apartment only has a small balcony, but that didn’t bother her. “I don’t need a penthouse. I’ve never had green fingers: if someone gives me a plant as a present, it always withers in no time. But a cat? I could see that working.”


Love at first sight

On her daughter’s advice, Hilde went to have a look at a shelter. There she found Jacques. Coup de foudre! “Jacques ended up in the shelter when his previous owners turned out to be allergic to cats. He was very friendly and inquisitive and came to me right away. “I knew at once: this is the one. This is the one I’m taking home.”

Room with a view

Jacques enjoys watching the comings and goings in the street. But that’s really dangerous from a second-floor balcony. “My son-in-law installed a safety net around the balcony, to stop Jacques falling or jumping down. “Now I can let him out with an easy mind if he’s there asking with his great blue eyes. Basically, I can’t refuse him anything.”