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garden birds

The ideal spot for a family of birds

Behind Thomas and Marleen's house, there is a peaceful park which is an inviting place for many small animals, including garden birds. If only they could tempt some of those birds to come into their garden...

"We used to live right next to the noisy ring-road around our city. Our small house was ideal for a young couple on a limited income", recalls Thomas. "But we found we were missing nature and greenery more and more. The view from our back window was a concrete wall."

"It's still the depths of winter, but we have already put the new bird house up in the garden - the birds need to get used to it."
Singing robin

Trees and birdsong

After a while, Thomas and Marleen decided it was time to look for a new house in a quiet suburb of the city. "From the moment we set eyes on it we knew it - this was what we were looking for. Peace and quiet, with only the chirping of the birds. Right behind our house there is a lovely park with a few ponds - sometimes we even see herons there. We really do appreciate where we live."

Come on, birds!

The only thing is, not many birds come into their garden. "We don't have many trees or much grass. But we can offer them a peaceful place away from cats, which makes our garden an ideal spot to raise a bird family. So we decided to get a sturdy, attractive nesting box, which is ideal for various types of bird. Now we just have to wait for them to get used to it..."